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High temperatures & treatment instructions

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The heat has reached and the need for protection from the heat is becoming more and more intense. It is very difficult to withstand high temperatures, especially when you have constant outdoor work.

If the necessary measures are not taken, the heat can affect health, mood and ability to work. For this reason, the sooner the effects are understood, the better the planning of those days will be so that the effect of the heat is as painless as possible.


Stay in shady and cool places away from crowded places. Avoid strenuous physical work, especially in areas with high temperature, and apnea high humidity.
Avoid walking for long hours or running in the sun.
Prefer light, comfortable and light-colored clothes made of natural material to facilitate body ventilation and evaporation of sweat. Choose a hat that ensures good ventilation of the head. Wear black or dark colored glasses with a special coating set protect from the reflection of the sun.
Make sure your diet consists of light and small meals, with an emphasis on fruits and vegetables. Limit fats.
Drink plenty of fluids (water and fruit juices). If you sweat a lot, add salt to your food.

Take a warm shower during the day and if you can not and need to, place wet caps on the head and neck.
Those suffering from chronic diseases (respiratory, cardiovascular, etc. to consult the their doctor for the implementation of special instructions and for those taking medication, if necessary to continue them and in what dosage, as some drugs raise the temperature of the body.
Avoid long journeys by public transport when the heat is very high flat.

If you have newborn babies

Dress them as lightly as possible. Make sure their arms and legs are free and not wrapped in diapers.
Make sure they do not stay in the sun and always wear a hat.
In addition to milk, the administration of other liquids such as chamomile, water, etc. Is recommended. Especially for babies and older children, make sure they eat more herbs and fruit and less fat.

If you are elderly

Move them to cooler areas as much as possible because they are too hot and humid environment is dangerous ..
Open the living area at night to cool and keep it tightly closed in the warm hours of the day.

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