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Installation of UVC Radiation Disinfection System

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Safety and good health of all is our priority at Newpharm.

We continue to service you, observing all the necessary precautionary measures. All Newpharm employees are fully aware of the health and safety standards and follow these procedures faithfully in all areas of their work.

During the second wave of the pandemic, we proceeded with additional actions, including the installation of a disinfection system with UVC radiation. Intact air and box sterilization stations have been installed in the drugstore. With this system the sterilization of the order transport boxes internally and externally is carried out effectively.
UVC radiation, a scientifically recognized method, destroys the molecular structure of DNA and RNA of microbial cells (bacteria and viruses), causing the death of growing cells and blocking the birth of new ones.

Adherence to all procedures to support the hygiene and good health of our customers, is vital for us on a daily basis and for as long as the pandemic lasts we are committed to the faithful implementation of all measures.

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