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Interview on THEMA 104.6 for the New Rapid Saliva Test


For the new possibility of diagnosis of Covid-19 with rapid saliva test Konstantinos Argyridis,development director of Newpharm A.E., discussed on THEMA 104.6.

As Mr. Argyridis explained, "this is a simple process. Its reliability is 95%, as high as the nasopharyngeal test. It is much higher than many tests performed through the nose ".

"Detecting asymptomatic is the strategy that every government must follow in order to reduce the spread of the virus. And this test gives us new possibilities because we can do it in young children, the tests can be done widely, in everyone ", added Mr. Argyridis, pointing out that" with 37 studies that have been summarized in a concluding analysis made in "On January 12, in 7,169 people, we see that the reliability of the saliva test is equal, it has no substantial differences with the nasopharynx".
"If it were possible to do up to two tests a month each, we could reduce the virus by 80% in 1-1.5 months," he added.

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