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The Holiday Pharmacy. What is included;

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Summer means vacation…
Walks, beach, swimming, rest!

Holidays that are full of complexity are neither fun nor comfortable.

A well-organized pharmacy is absolutely essential, especially if you are traveling with young children who are more prone to accidents.

There are many who, wanting to avoid the tedious life and the noise of the city, choose for their holidays a quiet place without a lot of people and noise.

Keep in mind that in the countryside or on a remote island, finding a pharmacy or health center is not always so easy.

So let's see what exactly a properly organized pharmacy needs to contain, so that whatever finds you can be prepared and have the composure to deal with it.

** The Holiday Pharmacy **

A well-organized holiday pharmacy should contain the following:

• Painkiller - Antipyretic (Caution! No aspirin for children),

• Antihistamine syrup,

• Electrolyte solutions for hydration,

• Sterile gauze, self-adhesive roll tape, elastic bandage and scissors,

• Widths of various dimensions,

• Burn pads,

• Antiseptic solution,

• Cortisone cream,

• Antihistamine gel or ointment for stings,

• Arnica Cream or Gel (for bruises and bumps),

• Saline (ampoules),

• Ice pack,

• Patch,

• Thermometer,

• Alcohol,

• Tweezers (for thorns, sea urchins, ticks),

• Sunscreen with a very high protection index (50+),

• Insect repellent (child friendly),

• Vaseline,

• 5 ml and 10 ml syringes,

• Antiseptic cleaning wipes and

• An injection of adrenaline (in case of anaphylactic shock).

** Protect Your Pharmacy **

In order not to be confronted with a useless pharmacy when you need it, make sure to maintain it properly, both on your travels and during the holidays.

If the trip is long, you can place it in an isothermal bag so that there are no alterations in its contents due to temperature.

When you reach your destination, place it in a dry, cool and dark place, putting everything you need in the fridge.

The Pharmacist's Advice

Equip your pharmacy depending on where you are going on holiday.

You will need more things if you are vacationing on a secluded island or in a remote village, where access to a pharmacy is not so easy.

Consult your doctor if any family member is taking any special medicines.

Also consider always having some useful phones with you:

• The telephone of the hospital or health center in the area,

• The phones of some nearby pharmacies,

• The telephone number of your personal doctor and pediatrician and

• The telephone number of the poisoning center (210- 7793777).

Anastasios Petsas, Pharmacist
Source: www.y-o.gr

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