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14th Health Expo Talk: The role of formoline L112

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The 14th Health Expo Athens was held at the Athens International Conference Centre on February 18 and 19, and Newpharm participated as a sponsor and exhibitor.

Watch the speech on "Therapeutic approaches to obesity. The role of polyglucosamine L112".

Dimitrios-Nikiforos Kiortsis, Endocrinologist-Diabetologist, Professor, University of Ioannina Medical School.
Christos Lanis, General Manager Newpharm.

Watch the video by following the link

The global obesity epidemic that has been occurring for several years now seems to be worsening with significant health implications and major socio-economic consequences. Traditional healthy dietary measures show relatively modest results, which are frequently not sustained over time. New approaches are therefore necessary. Polyglucosamine L112 appears from many studies to lead to weight loss in addition to dieting and shows an excellent safety profile. It is therefore a new weapon against obesity.

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