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Student exams. Tips to enhance memory and improve concentration.

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The period of the student exams is one of the most demanding. Students need energy, calm, concentration and enhanced memory to be able to cope successfully and get one step closer to their goal.

Along with diet, concentration and stress relief techniques, dietary supplements during this period can help significantly. Intake of all nutrients, vitamins and minerals and stimulating brain is a key priority.

Ginger is a natural ingredient that has been used for centuries thanks to its high content of essential nutrients and powerful compounds that are good for health.

Guarana, a plant that thrives in the tropical forests of the Amazon, promotes spiritual clarity and well-being, while giving energy to the body based on scientific studies to date. Its fruits, which contain caffeine, xanthine, theobroin and theophylline, have the ability to rejuvenate the central nervous system. They thus contribute to the stimulation of the body and the reduction of fatigue while at the same time enhancing the cognitive functions.

Maca root from the Peruvian Andes has been used for centuries to increase energy, strength and endurance, while boosting the immune and endocrine systems. This is a unique superfood, of high nutritional value, rich in minerals and vitamins.

When the mind … needs "food" for thought!

The organic IQ Bioearth snack bars are Newpharm's proposal for the particularly demanding period of exams.

IQ Focus Bar, with high quality organic oats and pure honey, fortified with Ashwagandha & Ginkgo Biloba and rich hazelnut praline flavor will help students to cope with the increased needs that require enhanced memory, concentration and endurance.

For energy boost and toning we recommend the IQ Energy Bar with Ginger, Maca and Guarana and citrus flavor!

No added sugar. No preservatives and artificial fragrances.

** For more information visit: ** www.newpharm.gr/bioearthsnack

** For Pharmacy orders contact our call center at tel: 26510 85700 or e-mail **: info@newpharm.gr

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