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Healthy snacks for the beach!

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Staying on the beach for long hours is often a challenge as the sun, swimming and playing always whet the appetite of kids and elder people. However there are ways to adopt a balanced eating habits the next time you decide to spend your day at the beach.
Discover delicious, healthy and easy ideas for light snacks that you will take along with your sunscreen and towel.

Fresh fruits and vegetables
Take washed cherries, apricots, peaches, bananas or cucumber and carrot sticks with you. In addition to the vitamins and fiber they provide, fruits and vegetables are rich in water and will help replenish the fluids you lose from the sun and heat.

Cereal bars
A healthy, easy and practical proposal for a nutritious snack for the hours you will spend on the beach. Cereal bars with all kinds of fruits are ideal for all ages as they offer energy and many nutrients. Try the BIOEARTH snack bars created especially for children with the purest ingredients. Organic oats, pure honey and cocoa in 4 different fruit flavors to choose from: strawberry, banana, lemon, orange. Healthy and filling, without added sugar and preservatives.

Oatmeal cookies
Whole grain cereal cookies are high in fiber and high in temperature. The organic BOHLSENER cookies from precious dinkel flour and whole oats in combination with the fruity aromas create a nutritious and healthy cookie that will drive our young and elder friends crazy! A filling delicacy without added sugar in three wonderful flavors, with various animal shapes! Their sweet taste is ensured only by the addition of organic honey, agave or fruit juice.

Unsalted nuts
Put in a bowl various nuts and dried fruits. The sweet taste of the fruit and the good fat of the fruit will stimulate you and give you enough energy to play.

One of the most popular options, cold sandwiches with wholemeal bread or Arabic pie offer a variety of options.

Something sweet
If you want a sweet on the beach, prefer the organic fruit snacks YUMEARTH. Organic candies, lollipops and jellies from natural fruit juices! 100% organic, without genetically modified ingredients, without gluten, without the 8 main allergens and with vitamin C. Every Yumearth product is produced as simply as possible: only with natural and pure ingredients, managing to keep all the enjoyment and taste of the sweet!

BIOEARTH snack, Yumearth and Bohlsener products can be found in pharmacies.
For pharmacy orders, contact the Newpharm call center at tel: 26510440061/2651085700 or at e-mail: info@newpharm.gr


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