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formoline L112 EXTRA

* The No1 medical device for weight-loss


Formoline L112 EXTRA is a natural "fat binder" in tablet form, which can reduce calories that have been taken from dietary fat by about two-thirds when used as directed. The efficacy of this class III medical device, manufactured in Germany, has been demonstrated in several studies.

For the past 20 years, millions of people have successfully taken the weight-loss tablet Formoline L112 EXTRA in sixty different countries worldwide.

  • German pharmacists have chosen Formoline L112 EXTRA more than ten times as the slimming product of the year.

Find out more about formoline EXTRA L112 at www.formoline.gr.

Formoline L112 EXTRA supports you with your goal for weight loss that is clinically proven.


The approved slimming product formoline L112 is the only medical device with a pioneering long-term clinical study¹ conducted over 12 months.

According to this study, formoline L112 is incredibly effective. Participants were able to lose more than 12 kg of weight and shrink their waist diameter by more than 13 cm when combined with a balanced diet and increased physical activity.

Study: ¹ Cornelli U, Belcaro G, Recchia M, D’Orazio N. Long-Term Treatment of Overweight and Obesity with Polyglucosamine (PG L112): Randomized Study Compared with Placebo in Subjects after Caloric Restriction. Curr Dev Nutr. 2017 Sep 22;1(10):e000919. Doi: 10.3945/cdn.117.000919.

Weight loss become easier


The main ingredient of formoline L112 EXTRA is the indigestible active fiber polyglucosamine L112. The unique L112 highly effective fiber, derived from natural sources, binds most of the absorbed dietary fats in the gastrointestinal tract so that these calories cannot be absorbed by the body.

In this way, formoline L112 EXTRA helps in calorie reduction and weight loss efforts when combined with a balanced diet. With formoline L112 EXTRA, weight loss can be accomplished with a healthy diet.

Τhe No1 slimming product in Germany, is formoline L112 EXTRA!

The formoline L112 EXTRA is a lipid binder:
- For weight reduction
- For weight management
- With LDL cholesterol-lowering accompanying effect

A "calorie magnet" for weight loss


Formoline L112 EXTRA, which has been tried and tested a million times, acts as a strong calorie magnet and draws up to 2/3 of the high-calorie dietary fats. The bound fat calories are no longer available to the body.

  • Formoline L112 EXTRA supports you with your goal for weight loss that is clinically proven.
  • Weight loss become easier
  • A "calorie magnet" for weight loss
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